Robotics & Smart Technology

  • Telewellness & Smart Presence
  • Understanding the Potential of Smart Presence to be Use by Continuous Care Retirement Community Employees
  • Needs Assessment of Telewellness Technologies for Older Adults with Disability
  • Assessing the Usability of Smart Presence Systems



  • Sensor-based Remote Monitoring System to Prevent Falls in Older Aldults
  • Wellbeing Monitoring of Older Adults Using Unobtrusive Sensing Methods
  • Coordinated Telehealth Care Program for Rural Elders with Congesive Heart Failure/li>
  • Mobile Telecare for Underserved African-American Elders with Heart Failure


Web-Based Health Information Technology

  • Prevention of Chronic Disease: Embodied Conversational Agents for Informed Cancer Screen Decisions
  • Prevention of Chronic Disease: Prevention of HIV/AIDS and STDs in Women over Fifty
  • Management of Chronic Disease: Medication Adherence for HIV/AIDS
  • Management of Chronic Disease: Self-Directed Online Training Program for Chinese Dementia
  • Management of Chronic Disease: Online Community for Chinese Dementia Caregivers
  • Management of Chronic Disease: Online Community for Hispanic Dementia Caregivers